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QA & Testing Solutions

Your business will benefit a lot from outsourcing our QA and software testing teams as we have top 1% engineers. Whether you need a few QA engineers or an entire automation team, our flexible engagement models ensure a seamless partnership.

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QA & Testing Services

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What are QA services? How do they differ from software testing?

QA services and software testing are closely related but differ in scope. Both activities are aimed at improving the software development process and minimizing defects. However, software testing exclusively involves testing, while QA services refer to a broader set of activities for improving software and reducing instances of bugs, such as risk management.


What is a QA assessment?

A QA assessment thoroughly examines all the quality assurance procedures and practices used in an organization’s software development and testing. Also known as a QA audit or QA review, the goal of the assessment is to evaluate the effectiveness, compliance, and performance of these practices and find any bottlenecks and areas for improvement.

How do you protect proprietary software during testing?

Ensuring the security of proprietary software during testing involves several steps, including performing testing in secure environments, limiting access to the software, encrypting and/or tokenizing data, and conducting vulnerability testing. Additionally, all of our QA engineers, testers, and developers use secure communication protocols and conduct regular compliance checks.

What is QA functional testing?

QA functional testing is a type of software testing that focuses on evaluating the functional aspects of software, ensuring that the software behaves as intended. Examples of functional testing include unit testing and integration testing. The other main type of QA testing is performance testing, which focuses on the performance of the software, including its responsiveness and stability. Other tests include: regression, sanity, smoke, user acceptance, boundary, and end-to-end testing.

What tools and frameworks do you use for QA and software testing?<br />

There are many types of tools and frameworks for QA and software testing. Some of the more common ones that we use are:

  • Selenium: a framework for automating web browser interactions and creating automated tests for web applications
  • Cucumber: a behavior-driven development (BDD) tool that allows you to create tests that are readable by humans

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