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Accelerate your business success and ROI in a seamless digital transformation with Sword Egypt, an agile client-centric Software Company obsessed with results in alignment with your business objectives and time zone. 

Sword Egypt: Fast Facts

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Our Business-Augmenting Solutions

We also provide our clients with a wide array of solutions tailored for a definite business growth. 

Software Solutions

Extend your team with our professional staff. We help you deliver faster and with the best quality. We are your trusted partner.

Digital Marketing

Accelerate B2B & B2C business growth with impactful digital marketing, robust social campaigns, branding & web design. 


Fortify your business against cyber-attacks with a unique approach providing you full visibility into your organization’s security from inside & outside. 

Every Enterprise Deserves Software Excellence


Sword Egypt

Since 2020, we’ve assisted companies of all sizes and industries to reach their software objectives in an agile business-driven software environment Business-driven software environment through:

Software & Business Professionals at your scale.
Timezone-aligned for seamless collaboration.
Strategic planning for critical deadlines.
Quality and Security at scale.
AI-driven Bespoke Solutions.

Our Empowering Success Stories 

Our Clients’ Testimonials Stands for software delivery excellence. 

Diversified and agile Software Development is the best testament to a team’s ability to perform, and I have no hesitation in hiring them again. Sword Egypt’s pleasant collaboration style and high-level acumen rapidly catalyzed significant momentum towards achieving our objectives.

By seamlessly integrating with the internal team, Sword Egypt helped achieve key objectives by performing to the same expectations as full-time employees. Their strong onboarding methods, reliable deliverables, and responsiveness continue to strengthen the relationship.

Having access to such a vast talent pool, Sword Egypt has allowed us to staff our teams with solid engineers and execute our projects faster than ever. Their staffing process is way better than any other outsourcing company in the region, so we can always rely on them.

We have been successfully working with Sword Egypt for the last 4 years. They have excellent resources available in multiple areas, but mostly, I was impressed by the flexibility and cooperation of the management. They will always go the extra mile to make clients happy.

Sword Egypt being in a similar time zone has helped us tremendously in our productivity, especially in an agile structure. They have high-quality resources who are willing to go that extra mile to provide value in development.

Let’s Accelerate your Business Growth with our Resilient Solutions!